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Relocate Me publishes properties that we have found in our secure member's section.  This section is only for our approved, registered clients.  Leave us your search order to get access to this section.

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Budget and expectations

In Amsterdam and surrounding areas there are different kinds of studios/apartments which vary in price.  Before starting your search, it's good to know what kind of housing we will be able to find for you based on your requirements.

€ 0 - 650,-
Rooms and bedsits with shared facilities. Fit for students (up to € 500,-) or young professionals (€ 500,- and up). Landlords often ask for a (high) deposit in case you're a student. Ask your agent how to present yourself.

€ 650 - 1200,-
Furnished studio-apartments and bedsits, small independent apartments with private facilities and separate bedrooms. These apartments are suited for professionals with a solid income who want a little more space. 

€ 1200,-  - 2000,-
Both furnished and unfurnished apartments and family houses outside the city (centre). In Amsterdam apartments generally are approx 25% more expensive than the surrounding areas.

€ 2000,- - 5000,-
Family houses with multiple bedrooms in sought after areas, Villas and penthouses. Ask for our special rates in this category.

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