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Moving Forward

We are Relocate Me, Relocation Advisers. We provide services to companies (and individuals) to find housing for new highly skilled employees. We also offer additional services like providing contracts with utility providers, finding suitable schools for children, etc.

Companies, individuals and expats all have one wish: a rental apartment in Amsterdam or Haarlem and preferably fast! Relocate Me assesses the feasibility of their wishes based on a number of criteria. If we accept a request, we will try our very best for them. We will organize viewings and we accompany them throughout the renting process.

For our clients we are constantly searching the market for affordable  housing in the Amsterdam – Haarlem area. We work exclusively for our clients, however, landlords can notify us of their property, giving our clients a first peek when it comes on the market.

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Relocate Me

Relocate Me

Postbus 2526
2002 RA, Haarlem
023 54 92 441
Open Mon-Fri   08.30 - 17.00

Saturday viewing tours in consultation

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Nadia Thatcher

Adviser/ Agent

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Relocate Me: At Your Service

Exceeding Expectations

Relocate Me was formed in 2016 with the idea to bring a more personal touch to the home-finding market in the Netherlands.  Its founder and his business partner had worked for a global relocation company and saw how the relocation market had become extremely automated and almost like a production factory.  Often clients had only contact by phone or email and never actually met their personal relocator, subsequently being passed through several people down the relocation chain on their journey.  We decided to bring that personal touch back to the market.

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